Madrid is a city with many accomodation options where you can find all kind of hotels, apartaments,... with different prices. We have prepared a list with a few accomodations nearby the MADRID MEET 2015 Venue.
For accommodation we offer three options

  1. Recommended accommodation
  2. Inexpensive accommodation for students
  3. Accommodation on your own

WARNING: Please take care of this kind of people (e.g. "EHS - Exhibitors Housing Services"): they claim to be "collaborators" of our event, and this is totally FALSE. The worst thing is that they even made a telephone call to one of our (future) delegates, although in this case we are talking about an invited speaker: this is how they got his number!
Anyway, DO NOT TRUST at all on this people !!!!


Recommended accomodation

Special rates for MADRID MEET 2015 participants have been arranged in the following hotels.

Hotel Category Double room Single room
EXE Moncloa
C/ Arcipreste de Hita, 10 - 28015 Madrid
4* 103,50 EUR 87,30 EUR
Marriott Princesa
C/Princesa, 40 - 28008 Madrid
4* S 110 EUR 100 EUR
Hotel T3 Tirol
C/Marqués de Urquijo, 4 - 28008 Madrid
3* 77 EUR 66 EUR

These prices per room and night include breakfast buffet and VAT.


Details for booking at Hotel EXE Moncloa:

  • You will make reservations through its website with promo code (enter: "CIENCIAS"). You will receive a 10 % discount on the rates shown on the site
  • The prices shown in this table are approximate. A complete and current list of fares is available on the web


Details for booking at Marriott Princesa:

  • You must make the reservation via electronic mail ( Please make sure you quote "Madrid MEET 2015"
  • These rates are only available until July 31, 2015
  • Double room: 110 EUR; Double room for single use: 100 EUR; Triple room: 145 EUR.
  • Registration may be cancelled without charge up to 24 hours before
  • Note: Due to the change of chain (now Marriott) some delays in processing reservations are occurring, but these reserves will be addressed.


Details for booking at T3 Tirol:

  • Single room: 66 EUR, Double room 77 EUR, Triple room 99 EUR
  • When you make the reservation, please make sure you quote "Madrid MEET 2015"

Inexpensive accommodation for students

Affordable price accommodation in university residences may be found in the following places:

University residence Prices

Colegio Mayor Teresa de Jesús
Avenida de Séneca, 12
Ciudad Universitaria. E28040 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 91 394 10 07
Fax: (+34) 91 394 10 72

See below for details

Single room with bathroom:
- 40,00 EUR with full board
- 35,00 EUR with half board
- 30,00 EUR with bed and breakfast

Casa do Brasil
Avenida Arco de Victoria, 3
Ciudad Universitaria. E28040 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 91 455 15 60
Fax: (+34) 91 543 51 88

See below for details

Single room:
- 66,00 EUR with full board
- 49,50 EUR with bed and breakfast

Double room:
- 88,00 EUR with full board
- 66,00 EUR with bed and breakfast

Colegio Mayor Chaminade
Paseo Juan XXIII, 9
Phone: (+34) 91 554 54 00
Ciudad Universitaria. E28040 Madrid

See below for details

Single room:
- 43,00 EUR with full board
- 40,00 EUR with half board
- 37,00 EUR with bed and breakfast

Double room:
- 71,00 EUR with full board
- 65,00 EUR with half board
- 59,00 EUR with bed and breakfast

Please, proceed by yourself to book this option just indicating that you are attending MADRID MEET 2015 meeting organized by the Complutense University.

Protocol for booking at C.M. Santa Teresa:
  1. The applicant fills out this application form and send it (via electronic mail or fax)
  2. The applicant receives the conformity of availability of the requested rooms
  3. The applicant does the payment by bank transfer and send the proof of payment within five working days (via electronic mail or fax)
  4. Your reservation is confirmed


Protocol for booking at Casa do Brasil:

  • Contact via electronic mail or fax


Protocol for booking at C.M. Chaminade:

  • Contact via electronic mail.
  • No meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served on Sundays.

Accomodation on your own

Madrid is a big city prepared for receiving a huge quantity of people, so you can find a lot more of accomodation options. Check out this link to see the ones nearby.

Other hotel listings in Madrid (booking on your own) may be found in the following websites: